Place of public accommodation means a facility operated by a private entity whose operations affect commerce and fall within at least one of the following categories –
  • (1) Place of lodging, except for an establishment located within a facility that contains not more than five rooms for rent or hire and that actually is occupied by the proprietor of the establishment as the residence of the proprietor. For purposes of this part, a facility is a “place of lodging” if it is –
    • (i) An inn, hotel, or motel; or
    • (ii) A facility that –
      • (A) Provides guest rooms for sleeping for stays that primarily are short-term in nature (generally 30 days or less) where the occupant does not have the right to return to a specific room or unit after the conclusion of his or her stay; and
      • (B) Provides guest rooms under conditions and with amenities similar to a hotel, motel, or inn, including the following –
        • (1) On- or off-site management and reservations service;
        • (2) Rooms available on a walk-up or call-in basis;
        • (3) Availability of housekeeping or linen service; and
        • (4) Acceptance of reservations for a guest room type without guaranteeing a particular unit or room until check-in, and without a prior lease or security deposit.