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‘With Me Nearly Always’: Readers on Emotional Support Animals

Legitimate emotional support animals only have civil rights under rules for the Fair Housing Act and Air Carrier Access Act.
Owners should not be implying that these are medical assistance animals with rights to retail stores, restaurants and hotels as written by the author.


University of Wisconsin Green Bay sees increase in emotional support animals on campus

“Fair Housing has determined that universities do need to look at that and be able to provide reasonable accommodation so we have started to get more and more requests of emotional support animals,” said Lynn Niemi, Director of Disability Services at UWGB.


Woman sues in US Court over emotional support animals

MADISON — A town of Ixonia woman has taken her fight to federal court to keep the emotional support miniature goats and geese on her property that the town and Jefferson County said violates zoning ordinances.

The lawsuit Sara Manzke filed alleged the town and county have violated the Fair Housing Act which requires reasonable accommodations be made for individuals with physical disabilities.


Bronk v. Ineichen

Plaintiffs subsequently moved for judgment as a matter of law or for a new trial, and now challenge on appeal the district judge’s denial of these motions and certain of her evidentiary rulings.   While the record demonstrates ample evidence to support the determination of no liability, we are concerned that the tendered jury instructions may have confused jury members by unnecessarily conflating local, state, and federal law.   We therefore reverse and remand for a new trial.