Lawmaker proposing legislation to crack down on service dog misuse

More than 385,000 dogs in the United States have been trained to provide assistance to someone with special needs, but some people want to take advantage of the policy by faking a service dog.


‘PTSD does not count as a disability’: Idaho veteran says hotel ousted him over service dog

For someone who says he prefers cats over dogs, Nic Day spends a lot of time with canines.

Atlas, a 1-year-old Akita, is nearly always by Day’s side. A Marine Corps veteran, Day started experiencing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder after multiple tours in Iraq.

new york restaurateur refusing service animals

Restaurateur could face $42K in fines for refusing service animals

A Manhattan restaurateur could be facing $42,000 in fines for refusing to welcome service animals at his eateries, according to legal documents.

Staffers at Limon Jungle and Intermezzo, among the eateries owned by Besim Kukaj, allegedly balked at making the federally mandated concessions to the handicapped, kicking off a battle with the city’s Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings.


Justice Department responds to Florida service animal complaint

The Justice Department reached an agreement under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) with The Pawn Shop and Tax Service, Inc., (The Pawn Shop) in Pensacola, Florida to resolve a complaint under title III of the ADA. The Department’s investigation found that the manager of The Pawn Shop asked a veteran who uses a service dog to leave because the manager mistakenly believed the dog was a pet, not a service dog. Public accommodations must permit Individuals who use service dogs, including veterans with disabilities who use service dogs for disabilities such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, or mobility disabilities, into their establishments.


New service dog policy at Publix

Publix is taking a stance against dogs. You can still shop with service dogs but they can’t go everywhere.

A manager at Publix says people are using these carts not only for food, but for animals. But new signs inside are hoping to change that.

A new sign now greets customers when they enter Publix.


When a ‘service dog’ gives birth at Tampa airport, controversy takes flight

The eight puppies born at Airside F in Tampa International Airport last week were adorable instantly, internet famous quickly and controversial not long after.
The white golden retriever parents, a male named Golden Nugget and the pregnant Eleanor Rigby, were set to board an American Airlines flight to Philadelphia with owner Karen Van Atter. That’s when “Ellie” went into labor, while Nugget jumped around like a nervous dad-to-be.


‘I was hurt’: Woman with prescribed emotional support dog kicked out of area medical center

8News found while emotional support animals have some federal protections, they’re not the same as a service animal.

A service animal is defined as animal trained to do work or perform a task for someone with a disability and under federal law can enter almost anywhere.

Emotional support animals may provide medical therapy, but have no special training.

While federal law protects emotional support animals when it comes to housing businesses like restaurants, hotels and malls have a right to say no to these animals.
Recently, the airline industry has started to say no to some emotional support animals. They are now banning peacocks, hamsters other unusual support pets from boarding the plane.